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Sciè DB bib2237 (26 / setembre / 2021)

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Bos, Gerrit - McVaugh, Michael R. (eds.), Maimonides, On Asthma, Provo (Utah), Brigham Young University (Medical Works of Moses Maimonides, edited by Gerrit Bos), 2001 i 2008, 2 vols.

Moshe ben Maimon, or Moses Maimonides (1135-1204), remains one of the most celebrated rabbis in this history of Judaism; his numerous writings include philosophical and medical treatises in Arabic, two of history's most important works on Jewish law, and, most notably, efforts to reconcile Aristotelian philosophy with biblical teaching. The Complete Medical Works, edited by Gerrit Bos of the Martin-Buber-Institut fur Judaistik at the University of Cologne, collects the entirety of Maimonides's medical writings.

Notwithstanding its title, On Asthma is in fact a complete regimen of health, designed for the needs of a high-ranking patient whose identity is not stated. In true Galenic fashion, Maimonides stresses that a healthy lifestyle and diet are the most important preventative measures against chronic illness such as asthma. Good and bad foods are described in detail, and many recipes for beneficial dishes and drugs are included, with Maimonides adapting Galenic regimens to the needs of his Muslim patient.

Volume One present the English translation and Arabic text. Volume Two offers Gerrit Bos's critical editions of all three surviving medieval Hebrew translations of Maimonides' work: one allegedly prepared by the fourteenth-century physician Samuel Benveniste, who served Don Manuel, brother of King Pedro IV of Aragon; a second by Joshua Shatibi from Játiva (Xátiva) between the years 1379 and 1390, for the referendary Fernán Díaz of Toledo at the court of King Juan II of Castile; and a third by an anonymous translator, perhaps in the thirteenth century. The volume also contains critical editions by Michael R. McVaugh of the two medieval Latin translations of Maimonides' treatise, one probably made by Giovanni da Capua at Rome c. 1300 and the other begun by Armengaud Blaise in Montpellier in 1294 but completed eight years later. It concludes with a section of addenda and corrigenda to the first volume.
Vol. 1: A parallel Arabic-English edition edited, translated, and annotated by Gerrit Bos, 350 pp. Informació de l'editor (vol. 1)
Vol. 2: Critical Editions of Hebrew and Latin Translations, edited and translated by Gerrit Bos and Michael R. McVaugh, 798 pp. Informació de l'editor (vol. 2)