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Sciè DB bib11410 (06 / abril / 2020)

Darrera modificació: 2019-12-17

Bos, Gerrit, Novel Medical and General Hebrew Terminology from the 13th Century, Oxford - Leiden, Oxford University Press on behalf of the University of Manchester - Brill (Journal of Semitic Studies: Supplement, 27, 30 i 37; Middle East and Islamic Studies), 2011 - 2018, 4 vols.

— Vol. 1 (2011): Translations by Hillel Ben Samuel of Verona, Moses Ben Samuel Ibn Tibbon, Shem Tov Ben Isaac of Tortosa, and Zeraḥyah Ben Isaac Ben She'altiel Ḥen
* Hillel Ben Samuel of Verona, Sefer Keritut [Bruno Longobucco (Longoburgensis) Cyrurgia magna]
* Moses Ibn Tibbon, Sefer Ẓedat ha-Derakhim [Ibn al-Jazzār, Zād al-musāfir, Bk. 7, Chs 7–30]
* Shem Tov Ben Isaac, Sefer ha-Shimmush [al-Zahrāwī, Kitāb al-taṣrīf, maqāla 30]
* Zeraḥyah Ben Isaac Ben She'altiel Ḥen, Hebrew translation of Maimonides' Medical Aphorisms (Fuṣūl Mūsā fī l-Ṭibb)
— Vol. 2 (2013):
* Shem Tov Ben Isaac, Sefer Almansur [al-Rāzī, Kitāb al-Manṣūrī]
* Nathan Ben Eliezer ha-Me'ati, Pirqei Mosheh ba-Refu'ah (Maimonides, Medical Aphorisms)
* Nathan Ben Eliezer ha-Me'ati's Glossary to the Hebrew translation of Ibn Sīnā's K. al-Qānūn: Critical edition of the Hebrew text with English translation
* David b. Abraham Caslari, Sefer ro‛a mezeg mitḥallef
* Shimshon Ben Shlomo, Qibbuṣei Ma'marei Galenus bi-Yemei ha-Buḥran (The Summaries of Galen's Treatise On Critical Days)
* On the Treatment of Small Children attributed to al-Rāzī
— Vol. 3 (2016): Hippocrates' Aphorisms in the Hebrew Tradition
— Vol. 4 (2018)

Volume 2 contains, among others, analyses of selected terms from Shem Tov Ben Isaac's translation of al-Razi's Kitab al-Mansuri, and from Nathan ha-Me'ati's Hebrew translation of Maimonides' Medical Aphorisms. Another contribution to this volume consists of an edition, translation and analysis of the glossary added by Nathan to his translation of Ibn Sina's Kitāb al-Qānūn fī al-ṭibb. This glossary not only enriches our knowledge of the novel terminology employed by Nathan for this translation, but also provides us for every term with a concrete description of the method employed by him for coining that particular term, while in some cases he also refers to his particular source. It is thus a unique testimony of the translation technique of one of the foremost translators of medical works active in Rome towards the end of the thirteenth century. The volume is closed by some minor contributions; one of these consists of a selection of terms derived from two Hebrew translations (made from the Latin version) of the treatise On the treatment of small children that is attributed to al-Razi.

Volume 3 covers novel terminology derived from Hebrew translations of the Hippocratic Aphorisms, one of the most popular medical works prior to the modern era. It is a continuation of the previous two volumes published in this series and aims at mapping the technical medical terminology as it features in medieval Hebrew medical works translated from Arabic and Latin (and exceptionally Greek). The Hebrew translations studied in this volume range from the late twelfth century (Do'eg ha-Edomi) to the seventeenth century (Joseph Ben Solomon Delmedigo), and were made from the original Greek text (Delmedigo), from Latin translations or adaptations (Sefer Agur, Hillel of Verona, Judah (Astruc) Ben Samuel Shalom), and from Hunayn's Arabic version (Nathan ha-Me'ati, Moses Ibn Tibbon, and Anonymous. The study also shows that in a number of cases which are listed in a special section, Constantine's Latin version is not based upon Hunayn's Arabic translation but upon an ancient Greek-Latin version. The volume is concluded by indices to the Greek, Arabic and Latin terminology discussed throughout the study.

Vol. 4 is part of a wider project aiming at mapping the technical medical terminology as it features in medieval Hebrew medical works, especially those terms that do not feature in the current dictionaries at all, or insufficiently. In this way the author hopes to facilitate the consultation of these and other medical works and the identification of anonymous medical material. The terminology discussed in this volume has been derived from three primary and seven secondary sources. The primary sources are: (1) Sefer Ṣedat ha-Derakhim – Moses Ibn Tibbon's translation of Ibn al-Jazzār's Zād al-musāfir, bks. 1–2; (2) Sefer ha-Shimmush – Shem Tov Ben Isaac's Hebrew translation of al-Zahrāwī's Kitāb al-taṣrīf; (3) Sefer ha-Qanun – Nathan ha-Meʾati's Hebrew translation of the first book of Ibn Sīnā's K. al-Qānūn.
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