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Sciè DB bib1591 (26 / juliol / 2021)

Darrera modificació: 2020-08-03
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García Ballester, Luis, Medicine in a Multicultural Society: Christian, Jewish and Muslim Practitioners in the Spanish Kingdoms (1222–1610), ed. per Jon Arrizabalaga, Montserrat Cabré i Fernando Salmón, Aldershot, Ashgate Variorum (Variorum Collected Studies Series, CS702), 2001, 390 pp.

The present collection by Professor García-Ballester deals with medicine and science (i.e. natural philosophy) in the Spanish kingdoms of Castile and Aragon between the 13th and the 17th centuries. It includes a new English version of a major study first published in Spanish. While sharing much, including Galenism (which is the subject of a further collection) as a dominant medical doctrine, with other parts of medieval and Renaissance Europe, Spain was unique in having a medical marketplace uniting Christian, Jewish, Muslim and converso practitioners. The complex processes of cultural interchange that resulted form the main theme in this book. Together, these studies have thrown new light on problems of theory and practice, perceptions of health and disease, and the doctor-patient relationship, as well as on the social and legal settings where the healers (physicians, surgeons, barbers, and apothecaries) of these different religious communities were at work.

* Preface
-- Christians in a multicultural society:
* I: García Ballester (1987), "Medical science in ..."
* II: Nature and science in 13th-century Castile. The origins of a tradition: the Franciscan and Dominican Studia at Santiago de Compostela (1222–1230) [versió anglesa abreujada de García Ballester (1996), "Naturaleza y ciencia en la ..."]
* III: García Ballester - McVaugh - Rubio Vela (1989 [=1990]), Medical Licensing and Learning in ...
-- Jews in a Christian society:
* IV: García Ballester - Ferre - Feliu (1990), "Jewish appreciation of fourteenth ..." (amb l'avanttítol: "Jews in a Christian society...")
* V: García Ballester (1992), "Changes in the regimina ..."
* VI: García Ballester (1991), "Dietetic and pharmacological ..."
-- The threefold incomprehension:
* VII: García Ballester (1994), "A marginal learned medical world ..."
* VIII: García Ballester (1985), "Academicism versus empiricism in ..."
* IX: García Ballester (1993), "The Inquisition and minority ..."
* Addenda et corrigenda
Història de la medicina
Medicina - Dietètica i higiene
Església - Inquisició
Informació de l'editor

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