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Sciè DB bib2427 (15 / abril / 2021)

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Nutton, Vivian, Ancient Medicine, Londres - Nova York, Routledge (Sciences of Antiquity), 2004, xiv + 486, il.

This is the first large-scale history of medicine in Antiquity to appear in a single volume for almost one hundred years. It combines archaeological evidence with written texts, and introduces many new medical texts that have survived only in medieval translations into Arabic. As well as telling the story of the development of medical ideas, from the early Greeks to the massive handbooks of Late Antiquity, it looks at the place of medicine in ancient society. Vivian Nutton explores the life and work of doctors, looking at the diseases they faced, the ways in which they obtained their knowledge, and whether they were respected by the community. He also investigates the relationship between medicine and the various religious beliefs of antiquity, asking if there were fixed boundaries between medicine and magic; finally he examines the differences in approaches to medicine between a great city such as Rome to territories such as Egypt or Roman Britain. By refusing to take Hippocratic medicine as the universal standard of ancient medical practice, the book allows a greater space to the alternatives, and sets Galen of Pergamum, the great Hippocratic physician, in a new historical context.

Sources and scope / Hippocrates, Galen, Scribonius Largus
Patterns of disease / malaria, Antonine plague, Galen
Before Hippocrates / Empedocles, Parmenides, Democritus
Hippocrates the Hippocratic Corpus and the defining of medicine / Plato, Ctesias, Asclepiads
Hippocratic theories / four humours, black bile, phlegm
Hippocratic practices / squirting cucumber, Hyginus, menorrhagia
Alexandria anatomy and experimentation / Herophilus, Praxagoras, vivisection
Hellenistic medicine / Apollophanes, Herophilus, Empiricists
Rome and the transplantation of Greek medicine / Archagathus, Tiber island, Rome
Pharmacology surgery and the Roman army / Dioscorides, Scribonius Largus, Andromachus
The rise of Methodism / Soranus, Thessalus, Themison
Humoral alternatives / Agathinus, Athenaeus, Aretaeus
The life and career of Galen / Commodus, Eudemus, Lucius Verus
Galenic medicine / Archigenes, theriac, pharmacology
All sorts and conditions of mainly men / medical astrology, Xenocrates, Stertinius
Medicine and the religions of the Roman Empire / Zosimus, Asclepieion, Glycon
Medicine in the Later Roman Empire / Oribasius, Eunapius, Cassius Felix
Index of names
Index of topics
Història de la medicina
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Reimpr. en rústica: 2005.
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