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Sciè DB bib25031 (14 / juny / 2021)

Darrera modificació: 2018-05-18
Bases de dades: Sciè, Arnau

Giralt, Sebastià, "The Astrological Works Attributed to Arnau de Vilanova: the Question of Their Authenticity", dins: Palazzo, Alessandro - Zavattero, Irene (eds.), Geomancy and Other Forms of Divination, Florència, SISMEL - Edizioni del Galluzzo (Micrologus Library, 87), 2017, pp. 397-420.

There is no doubt that Arnau de Vilanova (c. 1240-1311) applied astrology in his medical practice, as shown by contemporaneous documentation and by a number of brief references scattered throughout his authentic works, but it is still not demonstrated that any of the works concerning medical astrology transmitted under his name in medieval manuscripts and early modern editions was really written by him. De aqua vite simplici et composite as well as De sigillis and other treatises on astrological seals may be included in this category. However, the question remains open especially regarding the longest and most popular of them, the Introductorium ad iudicia astrologie quantum pertinet ad medicinam, which has been regarded as most likely authentic by scholars and which was one of the medieval Latin astrological treatises most copied. After reviewing the use of astrology in Arnau's medical activity, this paper examines the authenticity of these writings both by comparing their contents and those of his undisputed works and by analyzing their textual tradition. The conclusion is that in fact Arnau did not compose any treatise that could be qualified as astrological, but they were attributed to him because of his exaggerated fame as a physician-astrologer.
Astronomia i astrologia
Pseudo-Arnau de Vilanova
Vilanova, Arnau de