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Sciè DB bib4526 (25 / gener / 2020)

Darrera modificació: 2018-11-08

Demaitre, Luke E., "Medical writing in transition: between ars and vulgus", Early Science and Medicine, 3 (1998), 88-102.

The form and content of vernacular medicine, particularly in translations from Latin writings, differ both from scholastic learning and from popular lore. As a Middle High German version of Bernard de Gordon's Lilium medicine shows, the translator aimed for broader intelligibility than teachers, by elucidating terms and simplifying theories. Nevertheless, he also evinced a bookish superiority to lay people by his concern with precision and disdain for illiteracy. At the same time, a greater closeness to a popular level was reflected in the admiration for masters and in the esthetic importance of emotions.
Medicina - Enciclopedisme mèdic