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Sciè DB bib6316 (15 / abril / 2021)

Darrera modificació: 2016-08-04
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Kiesel, William J. (ed.), Picatrix = Ghayat al-hakim: The Goal of the Wise, translated from the Arabic by Hashem Atallah and Geylan Holmquest; edited with an introduction by —, Seattle, Wa., Ouroboros Press, 2002 - 2008, 2 vols. (xvii + 173 pp.; vi + 300 pp,), il.

Traducció a l'anglès actual del Ghāyat al-hakīm wa-ahaqq al-natījatayn bi-altaqdīm, atribuït a Maslamah ibn Aḥmad al-Majrīṭī (m. 1004?).

The Goal of the Wise is a classic Arabic manual of Astrological and Talismanic Magic. The Author has compiled information derived from 224 books by 'ancient sages' with the intention of uniting all these diverse arts into a practical system. Brought out of the obscurity of the Middle East it passed through the hands of many prominent figures throughout the history of Hermetic thought. Marsilio Ficino, Pico della Mirandola, Peter de Abano & Cornelius Agrippa were among them.

Picatrix contains the way of the practical working of astral and talismanic magic. Planetary and Zodiacal magic and full instructions for invoking the related spirits are provided along with all the requisite materials needed; stones, plants, inks, colors, incenses, talismans and the invocations. In addition to this are many anecdotes relating to Arabic and pre-Islamic magical lore, including the writings of Ibn Wahshija, the Nabataeans, Sabians, Chaldeans and Assyrians. Of particular note is the magical plant and mineral lore from the Nabataean Agriculture, which portray ancient practices of pagan Iraq.

Vol. 1. Books I-II.
Vol. 2. Books III-IV.
Màgia - Màgia astrològica
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